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Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems can be implemented in various types of facilities ranging from office buildings and educational facilities to food industries and transportation systems in which the main focus is on the reduction of the microbiological hazards associated with each type of facility.

As each application includes a certain structural and occupancy format, individual applications require certain attention. The followings include sample applications along with recommendations of the system types. Detailed solutions can be provided by a comprehensive study of the application.


Educational purposes 

Due to the fact of high concentration in classrooms and the potential for epidemic spread in the communities; educational facilities are focal centers for disease transmission and require specific considerations.



Disinfecting transportation vehicles (airplanes, trains, buses, etc.) and buildings (terminals, airports, stations, etc.) play a significant role in avoiding the spread of infections. Due to the structural differences in these applications, customized solutions can drastically affect the efficacy of disinfection.


Commercial buildings

Commercial offices are generally populated for long hours during the day, which makes the UV disinfection less trivial. However, utilizing novel technologies, the efficacy of disinfection can be maximized to ensure reducing person-to-person transmission to a high extent


Cafe & Restaurants 

Food service industries have been hit very hard by the current pandemic. The only way to avoid a similar situation to happen in future (and minimize the cost in the current situation) is to implement automated, continuous disinfection technologies (such as UV) to minimize the risk of infection transmission

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